Thursday, January 28, 2010

Manatee Mother and Baby

"Sweet Moment"

Manatees are such sweet aquatic/marine mammals. I thoroughly enjoyed researching them and watching several videos on Youtube showing individuals and families in man-made habitats and in the wild. These curious, very slow moving, vegetarians are in need of more protection from boaters and from garbage that pollutes their natural ecosystem.

This was a fun painting to create - the mothers and calves have a special bond. I hope to learn more about these wonderful mammals.

Manatee Mother and Baby "Sweet Moment" SOLD


  1. Hi Marlene! Thank you for your kind words. Manatees are such lovely creatures. I must learn more about them.

  2. I keep going back to gaze at this one -- you captured their faces so perfectly! I hope to go back down to Ginnie Springs in Florida and dive with them next Spring with my daughter.

  3. Thank you so much, Jan! It's great to hear from you. How wonderful to be able to dive with these gentle aquatic mammals and share this experience with your daughter. All the very best. Colleen

  4. So sweet. I live right where the manatees come into the springs during the winter months. Blue Springs.

  5. Thank you so much! What a wonderful experience to be so near where these beautiful mammals live. I shall look up Blue Springs to find out more about the location.