Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sea Turtle and Tropical Fish

Sea Turtle "Entering Cleaning Station"

This week I have had a lot of fun researching sea turtles (one of my favorite marine creatures) and viewing numerous images of tropical fish to create a miniature painting. A little larger than my ACEO's - this painting is a 5.0" x 7.0". What a joy it was to design and paint. Sea turtles will seek out reefs where they enjoy a thorough 'cleaning' by the locals. The tropical fish and sometimes shrimp and crabs will consume the algae that grows on the turtles. Cleaning stations are a wonderful example of a symbiotic relationship where all the creatures benefit. The tropicals in this painting include: yellow tangs, a blue tang and raccoon butterfly fish.

Sea Turtle "Entering Cleaning Station" 5.0 inches x 7.0 inches
by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2010


  1. What a fun painting, I love it. Sea Turtles are amazing creatures.

  2. Thank you Marlene. I too love sea turtles and you are correct - "They are Amazing Creatures!"