Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baby Rat in Autumn Colors

"Sweet Pea in Autumn"

This week I enjoyed painting another baby rat. Over the years our family has raised several wee fuzzy rats to adulthood and they have been wonderful pets. This painting is dedicated to "Ralph" our first little rat pup. When Kathryn was 7, her little pet 'Apple', a lovely golden colored mouse, passed on. I went to the pet shop to purchase another mouse, but at the time they did not have any tame ones. But they did have a clutch of hand raised rat pups. I had never owned a rat and wasn't too sure. But when this sweet Chinese blue hooded pup was put into my hand - I had to take a closer look. He reached up with his tiny paws and took my pinkie and began 'nursing'. That was it - and I think I said something like, "Do you have a box?"

Kathryn loved Ralph as we all did. He would follow her everywhere outside and squeak if she got more than a step or two away. He would hop in the grass over to her and climb up... up and up until he was on her shoulder - which was his favorite place to be.

This painting includes the brilliant yellows, oranges and reds of autumn and bright green peas (one of Ralph's favorite foods). The background is rather abstract but has elements from some of the local foliage I gathered for inspiration.

"Sweet Pea in Autumn"
Watercolor and ink 2.5" x 3.5" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2009

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  1. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Your watercolors are wonderful. The little rat pup is adorable.

  2. Hi Marlene! Thank you so much for the follow. I am pleased that I found your blog and am enjoying the beauty and laughter. I am very glad you like the little rat pup - they are adorable! All the Best, Colleen