Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halloween Baby Rat ACEO SALE

"Sweet Stash"

This week, I enjoyed painting a wee baby rat and her special Halloween stash. Over the years, our family has raised several mice and rats from fuzzies to adults. One of my daughter's favorite subjects to write about in elementary school, was her little female rat - 'Peanut' - a true sweetheart. This painting is dedicated to Peanut's memory.

My sketch for this ACEO includes one of my favorite Halloween treats as a child - candy corn! With the addition of the candy, the name of the painting became 'Oh so clear'. Writing down titles as they come to me helps in the process. Sometimes the most challenging aspect of a painting is giving it a title.

As this miniature progressed, I needed some fall items for the surroundings. Since we have several 100+ year old white oak trees right out side the front door - I did not go far for inspiration. An acorn seemed to be the perfect natural element to add to the little rat's treasure collection. I used a fine golden glitter ink to include a touch of gem quality to the acorn.

The finished painting shows rich autumn colors and the baby rat seems quite content with her 'sweet stash'.

'Sweet Stash' by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2009 watercolor and ink

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This painting is a sweet price - starting at $0.01!!!

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