Friday, April 9, 2010

Sea lion and Sea Otters

More Marine Mammals!

"Bubbles at Play"
This week, I have enjoyed painting more marine mammals. "Bubbles" is a sweet sea lion that I have featured in several paintings over the past two years. She is a young, fun loving, wild pinniped (suborder of carnivorous aquatic mammals that includes: seals, sea lions and walruses) and she loves to blow bubbles and play with them.


Sea Otters (Mother and Pup) "Sweet Moment"

Sea Otters have always been a favorite subject of mine to view and paint. These amazingly agile mustelids (heaviest members of the family including: weasels, river otters and minks) are so engaging. We have river otters on the bay near our home and their loud squeaks and whistles can be heard for quite a distance. In this painting, I am showing a sweet moment between mother and pup.