Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ACEO Crow Raven Watercolor Painting

CROW "Visiting Pumpkin Patch"

What a fun weekend my family and I had.  The Art Chix, a lovely group of enthusiastic and talented ladies from Seattle, visited several studios in our neighborhood including ours.  Roseanne Olson took some wonderful photos for the occasion.  Roseanne's Photos

We sipped apple cider and enjoyed pumpkin spice muffins at our studio/gallery.  Then Saturday evening, we all met down the beach for Paella and wine, ginger icecream, laughs and fun!  Paella is a wonderful rice dish that was cooked with clams from the beach and tomatoes from the garden all in a huge pan on an open fire.  Here are some recipes: http://www.spain-recipes.com/paellarecipes.html

Galleries Visited:

www.coral2cove.com (my daughter's and my gallery)

www.chrisbronstad.com (my husband and Kathryn's father, superb portrait landscape artist)

http://www.tiptoland.com/  (Sculptor and Amazing woman)

http://www.kurtsolmssen.com/ (Contemporary realist painter and wonderful paella chef)

http://rebeccaschofield.com/ (Wonderful realist painter, fabulous hostess - Kurt's wife)

During the visit, I worked on a painting for the season - perfect for a fall, pumpkin spicy day:

Crow "Visiting Pumpkin Patch" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2010

(20% of the Sale benefits A Place to Bark)

 Rosanne Olson's Gallery

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ACEO Blacktip Reef Shark Watercolor Painting

"Gliding in the Shallows"

What lovely creatures these swift, nicely marked sharks are.  The stark black against the burnt sienna/yellow ochre is pleasing to view in sinewy gliding motion.  I have a passion for these small sharks and worked with them in the aquarium field for over a decade.  They are quick to respond when food is near and they feed on squid, fish, shrimp, crabs and other reef creatures.  Shallow water and the hint of a shadow give the feeling of a sunny, warm, tropical, soft sandy beach nearby.  Time for a siesta... 

Gliding in the Shallows by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2010


(Learn more about sharks and view paintings.  Contact me if intereted in any signed prints of shark art.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ACEO Mako Shark Watercolor Painting

"Stunning and Supreme"

Another shark painting to add to my gallery.  This image shows the power of these beautiful predators.  My dearest friend, who lives in Queensland Australia, has spent many hours in open water photographing, filming, and diving with pelagic predators.  He writes:

"MAKO" is Polynesian for shark

"Long, sleek and deadly, the Mako always appears to me to be set on a hair trigger ready to burst into action in less than a heartbeat. You never ever take your eyes off the Mako, not even for a moment. Like most wild creatures, the shark is an opportunist. The Mako is more so the epitome of opportunism." Jim McKay © 2008

"Stunning and Supreme" Mako Shark


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Original Watercolor Painting Sandtiger Shark 4" x 6"


"Sandtiger Shark"

A lifelong love of sharks led me to create this 4" x 6" watercolor. After receiving my BS in Biology, I worked in the aquarium field for over a decade and spent a lot of time with captive tropical species. Several research projects were designed and conducted using sharks as the subjects. One study involved the operant conditioning of a female sandtiger fondly named “Mama”. She was taught to touch a target and have a buzzer sounded then receive a food reward. She did very well on her trials with 88% success. She was truly a beautiful shark and taught her care takers well - this painting is dedicated in her memory - 'Swim free beautiful lady'.

Glittering ink sparkles on this painting resembling the light reflection off the dermal denticles (scales) of the shark.

Sandtiger Shark


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ACEO Seahorse Marine Tropical Painting

Seahorse Daddy and Baby

What a fun painting this colorful art card was to create.  I love all the hues in the seahorses and the corals.  The tiny baby seahorses emerge from the male's pouch and they are little clones of the parents.  What beautiful creatures they are.

 "Magical Moment"
2.5" x 3.5"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

ACEO Hammerhead Shark Painting

Hammerhead Shark

Painting this shark was a fun process. I thoroughly enjoy the design of these creatures. In fact, evolutionarily speaking, hammerheads are more recent in nature that many of the other sharks species. The flattened head and eyes protruding from the large 'hammer' give this species an advantage. Hammerheads use their extra sensitive snouts to help locate prey and the hammer shape allows them to have more surface area for detection purposes.
This shark is swimming through the sea on the prowl for potential prey.
Hammerhead Shark "On the Prowl"