Monday, August 29, 2011

ACEO Barn Owl Original Watercolor Painting

Miniature Painting of a Barn Owl

This summer I have enjoyed painting owls and this is my most recent bird ACEO (Art Card Edition and Original).  Barn owls make beautiful subjects. The white face and ochre, burnt sienna and bluish black speckles of the head and wings, make these very recognizable birds of prey.  Watercolor and archival ink were used to create this art card.

Barn Owl "Keeping Watch" (c) 2011
2.5" x 3.5"


Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiger Shark ACEO Miniature Watercolor Painting

Well, it's been a busy spring/summer here on Puget Sound.  My daughter, Kathryn, is heading off to college to study biology in a few weeks. With a love of nature and passion for animals and art, she will do very well in her future careers.

Sharks, of course, are a focus subject of mine.  My passion for these creatures began in the summer of 1975 after I saw the movie, Jaws and was consumed with a hunger to know more about these ocean predators.  I spent 12 years working as a biologist in the aquarium field and now enjoy painting these beautiful cartilaginous fish. 

Here is a tiger shark cruising the shallows with its shadow gliding below over the sea floor.  Thank you, my dearest friend, Jim McKay ~ for helping me name this painting.  Here is a wonderful quote by shark photographer/filmer:

‘Oh Oh, here comes trouble - with attitude’. The Tiger doesn’t think like the Great White or the Mako does, but rather acts totally by instinct and reflex – not a good combination for the object of their attention. In fact, this is one species that I would never take my eyes off for one second. They are cunning, sneaky and very cautious. Also, they will consume just about anything that will fit in their mouths. The tiger shark is a good species to keep at a distance.   (c) Jim McKay

Tiger Shark Painting for SALE