Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ACEO Crow Raven Watercolor Painting

CROW "Visiting Pumpkin Patch"

What a fun weekend my family and I had.  The Art Chix, a lovely group of enthusiastic and talented ladies from Seattle, visited several studios in our neighborhood including ours.  Roseanne Olson took some wonderful photos for the occasion.  Roseanne's Photos

We sipped apple cider and enjoyed pumpkin spice muffins at our studio/gallery.  Then Saturday evening, we all met down the beach for Paella and wine, ginger icecream, laughs and fun!  Paella is a wonderful rice dish that was cooked with clams from the beach and tomatoes from the garden all in a huge pan on an open fire.  Here are some recipes: http://www.spain-recipes.com/paellarecipes.html

Galleries Visited:

www.coral2cove.com (my daughter's and my gallery)

www.chrisbronstad.com (my husband and Kathryn's father, superb portrait landscape artist)

http://www.tiptoland.com/  (Sculptor and Amazing woman)

http://www.kurtsolmssen.com/ (Contemporary realist painter and wonderful paella chef)

http://rebeccaschofield.com/ (Wonderful realist painter, fabulous hostess - Kurt's wife)

During the visit, I worked on a painting for the season - perfect for a fall, pumpkin spicy day:

Crow "Visiting Pumpkin Patch" by Colleen K Carrigan (c) 2010

(20% of the Sale benefits A Place to Bark)

 Rosanne Olson's Gallery


  1. The crow is wonderful. Sounds like a really fun time and great food. Thanks for the links to the recipes.

  2. Thank you Marlene and Carole, Crows are wonderful and I love all the subtle colors that can be found in their feathers depending on the lighting.