Saturday, September 11, 2010

Original Watercolor Painting Sandtiger Shark 4" x 6"


"Sandtiger Shark"

A lifelong love of sharks led me to create this 4" x 6" watercolor. After receiving my BS in Biology, I worked in the aquarium field for over a decade and spent a lot of time with captive tropical species. Several research projects were designed and conducted using sharks as the subjects. One study involved the operant conditioning of a female sandtiger fondly named “Mama”. She was taught to touch a target and have a buzzer sounded then receive a food reward. She did very well on her trials with 88% success. She was truly a beautiful shark and taught her care takers well - this painting is dedicated in her memory - 'Swim free beautiful lady'.

Glittering ink sparkles on this painting resembling the light reflection off the dermal denticles (scales) of the shark.

Sandtiger Shark


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