Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ACEO Mako Shark Watercolor Painting

"Stunning and Supreme"

Another shark painting to add to my gallery.  This image shows the power of these beautiful predators.  My dearest friend, who lives in Queensland Australia, has spent many hours in open water photographing, filming, and diving with pelagic predators.  He writes:

"MAKO" is Polynesian for shark

"Long, sleek and deadly, the Mako always appears to me to be set on a hair trigger ready to burst into action in less than a heartbeat. You never ever take your eyes off the Mako, not even for a moment. Like most wild creatures, the shark is an opportunist. The Mako is more so the epitome of opportunism." Jim McKay © 2008

"Stunning and Supreme" Mako Shark


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