Thursday, September 2, 2010

ACEO Hammerhead Shark Painting

Hammerhead Shark

Painting this shark was a fun process. I thoroughly enjoy the design of these creatures. In fact, evolutionarily speaking, hammerheads are more recent in nature that many of the other sharks species. The flattened head and eyes protruding from the large 'hammer' give this species an advantage. Hammerheads use their extra sensitive snouts to help locate prey and the hammer shape allows them to have more surface area for detection purposes.
This shark is swimming through the sea on the prowl for potential prey.
Hammerhead Shark "On the Prowl"




  1. Hello Colleen,

    This is a beautiful painting, as are all of your...I've enjoyed visiting.


  2. Thank you Ruth. I am pleased you enjoy my art. Your pendants are fun!