Monday, February 13, 2012

ACEO Dolphin and Tropical Fish Prismacolor Fantasy Bubbles

Dolphin Doodles and Sea Scribbles

What a fun time I am having creating colorful dolphin and tropical fish art cards using a set of 72 lovely Prismacolor pencils my daughter gave me for my birthday.  These fantasy cards are flowing and bubbling with rich hues and on SALE in my eBay gallery. 

I worked in the marine aquarium field for 12 years as a biologist and enjoyed all the aspects of caring for tropical reef fish and sharks.  Creating my Dolphin Doodles and Sea Scribbles series, brings back a flood of wonderful memories.  I even purchased J.D. Sachs Marine Aquarium Version: 2.6.2 app for my iPod and enjoy listening to the gentle bubbles and viewing the beautiful fish swimming about, as I'm coloring mine.  

During my early school years I recall having a teacher gently scold me for 'doodling' on my math papers.  It was so much more entertaining than subtraction!  So here I am today - still Doodling. :)

Dolphin 'Ripples of Color' SOLD

Copper Banded Butterfly Fish Sold

Clown trigger fish 

Regal Angelfish Sold

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